Classical Guitar


Giovanni Zamboni Romano (1664-1721):


     - Sonata VI: Allemanda



Voice and Basso Continuo


Italian Renaissance and Baroque


Bellerofonte Castaldi (1580-1649):


     - Hor che la notte ombrosa


Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (1580-1651):


     - Tu dormi, anima mia

     - Voi che dietro

     - Tu che pallido essangue


Claudio Saracini (1586-1630):


     - O Laurinda

     - O quante volte

     - Vaghi rai lucenti stelle

     - Io moro


SIgismondo d'India (1582-1629):


     - Hor che'l Ciel, e la terra




The scores available for download on this page are

works that I have transcribed for the purpose of

readability for my own performances and/or recordings.


If you would like to download and use any of these,

please be advised that there may be typos and/or edits which are not footnoted on my transcriptions. At times, I have taken the liberty to correct what I have viewed to be errors in the original scores, but have not made specific notes of these on my editions.